How to use stovetop Coffee Makers

Traditional. Intense. Italian.

Coffee is more than a hot, caffeinated beverage to the Italians. It's a moment shared between friends and family. Rich and intense, Italian coffee is never to be rushed. Breathe it in. Absorb everything around you. Embrace the serenity.

Step One

Unscrew the top part of your stovetop coffee maker from the base. You can put this aside for now, you won't need it for the next few steps.

Step Two

Remove the filter from the base of your stovetop coffee maker.

Step Three

Now that you have removed the filter, you can begin to fill the base of your stovetop coffee maker with water. You'll notice a small safety valve, this is your fill line. Ensure the water does not cover this valve.

Note: Always use filtered water in your stovetop coffee maker to avoid limescale build up

Step Four

Replace the filter funnel, ready to fill with freshly ground coffee.

Step Five

Spoon your coffee into the filter funnel. You want to create a heaped mound to ensure that the water passes through the coffee sufficiently so do not press down.

Step Six

Screw the top of your coffee maker on to the base tightly, ensuring not to spill any water.

Note: To get the best result, always use freshly ground coffee. You should always use medium fine grind for the most satisfying cup. Discover our range of Bialetti Moka coffee.

Step Seven

Your stovetop coffee maker is now ready to go on the hob at a medium heat. If you have an induction hob, shop from the induction-friendly ranges or pick up an induction plate.

Step Eight

Listen for the Moka sound. As soon as your coffee starts bubbling through you can take it off the heat. Leave it to finish brewing while you find your favourite mug.