Discover Italian coffee makers in stunning new designs from Bialetti, the Exclusive Collection introduces us to a brand new Moka Express in 6 new colours. As well as the traditional moka pot, Bialetti have introduced two new induction-friendly coffee makers and the Brikka Noir - a luxury coffee maker designed to deliver a rich, golden crema.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Exclusive

What is Bialetti's Exclusive Collection?

It's not very often that we get something new from Bialetti, but when we do it always impresses. The Exclusive Range does exactly that. New for 2023, the collection features a brand new Moka Express available in 7 colours with a unique finish - already becoming one of Bialetti's best-selling products. As well as the new Moka Express, there are induction-friendly stovetop coffee makers such as the Moon and the red Moka Induction, again, finished in bold colours and a luxury touch.

Is the Exclusive Collection limited edition?

The Exclusive Collection launched in 2023, with Bialetti releasing the new Moka Express and a couple of the other lines first. Following that, they've built on the collection and we now have it in the UK.
There is a limited amount available, and it won't last forever.

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