Bialetti Break Description

For 100 years, Bialetti have been creating bespoke stovetop coffee makers. Their unique, patented designs are recognised across the globe. Particularly when it comes to the octagonal base of the Moka Express, a staple in Italian home.

Traditionally, Italians have drank their coffee strong and dark. In order to produce such intense flavour profiles, they invented a new way of brewing. Stovetop coffee makers have long been a part of Italian culture.

Today, the Bialetti range has expanded to include a larger range of coffee makers and accessories suitable for any home on any budget. The Bialetti Break is just one of the stovetop coffee makers they’ve released to make Italian stovetop coffee accessible for everyone.

Based on the Moka Express design, utilising the patented safety valve present in all Bialetti products, the Break is an entry-level stovetop coffee maker designed to work on gas or electric stoves. It’s easy to use and clean,  making between 180ml to 280ml of coffee depending on the size you choose.

Bialetti cup sizes are based on traditional Italian tazze, which measures at around 50ml per cup. The 3 cup Bialetti Break will produce around 280ml of coffee. The 6 cup Bialetti Break will produce around 280ml of coffee.

To make coffee using the Bialetti Break, simply unscrew the base from pot. Remove the filter funnel and fill the base with filtered water. Place the filter funnel back onto the base of the pot and fill it with your moka ground coffee. You shouldn’t tamp down your coffee at all! Just screw the pot back onto the base and place it onto your hob. As soon as you hear coffee bubbling through the filter, you can turn off the heat. The steam will continue to force its way through the grounds, filling your Bialetti Break with rich, creamy, Italian-style espresso.