Bialetti Break FAQs

What is the Bialetti Break made out of?

The Bialetti Break is an aluminium stovetop coffee maker.

Where is the Bialetti Break made?

The Bialetti Break is designed in Italy and manufactured in Romania.

What size coffee maker do I need? 3 cup or a 6 cup?

Bialetti use traditional Italian cup sizing known as a tazza. A single tazza is around 50ml of coffee. The Break 3 cup will produce up to 180ml of coffee. The Break 6 cup will produce up to 280ml of coffee.

What is the difference between the Moka Express and the Break?

When comparing the Break to the Moka Express, you’ll notice a few differences with the design. The Break has a raised lid and slightly different handle. Both stovetop coffee makers feature the famous octagonal design and are used in the same way to make incredible coffee at home.

The main difference is that the Bialetti Break is an entry-level coffee maker. The Moka Express is manufactured in Italy using high-grade aluminium, whereas the Break is manufactured in Romania using slightly lower grade materials. Bialetti have done this to make their award-winning designs more accessible and affordable, without jeopardising the quality of the coffee that you’re making at home.