Coffee Pods - Description

We've got a special deal for you this week!

To celebrate the launch of our new range of Bialetti Italian coffee pods, we're offering them at a huge discount. That's right—we're selling them for less than 36p per cup!

The pods are easy to recycle and made from aluminum, so it's great for the environment too. Roasted in Italy by Bialetti, these pods come in a convenient aluminium casing that fits any Nespresso machine.

These coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso machines. They are not compatible with Bialetti System Machines.


These aluminium coffee pods offer a delicious blend of fine Central American and South American Arabica. Working together, these distinct coffee beans give delicious floral and fruity notes, balanced by an acidity typical of bitter cocoa. Intensity: 7.


This medium-bodied blend combines hazelnut and dried fruit. These coffee pods have medium acidity and feature a sweet nutty flavour that you'd recognise from Italian roast coffee. Intensity: 9.


The most intense flavour from Bialetti's range of coffee pods. With toasted bread and cocoa, these dark roasted Nespresso pods are perfect for lovers of strong coffee. For the perfect Italian espresso shot, try Bialetti Intenso coffee pods. Intensity: 11.


A lighter flavour, perfect for those who are limiting their caffeine intake. Spicy and enveloping, this decaf coffee pod uses a Robusta coffee bean blend to bring true Italian flavours to your mug. Intensity: 6.