FAQs - Bialetti Brikka

How to Clean Bialetti Brikka

To clean the Bialetti Brikka, ensure the coffee maker is cooled down; this can be sped up by rinsing it under cold water.

Once cooled, simply unscrew the top and tap out the coffee grinds. Blowing on the end of the funnel is a great way to get the grinds out more easily.

Rinse everything thoroughly under water.

Make sure everything is dried if you want to avoid any oxidisation of the aluminium and clean out the burnt coffee.

For prolonged usage, it’s best practice to store the lid and base separate.

Do I need to use any soaps or chemicals to clean my Brikka? 

The Bialetti Brikka is a 100% sustainable coffee maker designed to be cleaned using only water. Any soaps or chemicals may damage the paint and longevity of your product.  

What is the difference between a Bialetti Brikka and a Moka Express? 

There are a few differences between the Bialetti Brikka and the Moka Express, the main being the brewing time for each. In the classic Moka Pot, it takes roughly 10 minutes to brew a cup of espresso whilst Brikka is significantly faster, brewing a cup in just under three minutes. The upgraded Moka Express has a faster speed of brewing, taking roughly four minutes to brew. 

The crema is also a more rich coffee foam on your brew when made with the Bialetti Brikka compared with that from the Moka Express. 

Another slight difference between the two coffee makers is that the Brikka delivers a slightly stronger coffee, giving more caffeine than that from a Moka Express.  

The taste is also affected by the two coffee makers; depending on each one, a different flavour profile will be presented. 

What type of coffee do I need for a Bialetti Brikka? 

For your Bialetti Brikka, the best coffee to use is the Moka Ground Coffee – Bialetti sell their own; this is slightly coarser than an espresso grind but finer than a filter grind in a cafetiere.  

For a better brew, it is recommended to use whole bean and grind fresh using an electric coffee grinder that's calibrated for espresso.  

How much coffee does a Brikka 2 cup make? 

The Bialetti Brikka 2 cup is designed to brew 70ml (2oz) of coffee, with a boiler capacity of 100ml, using 15g of ground coffee. This is a similar ground coffee/water ratio to that of a real espresso. 

How much coffee does a Brikka 4 cup make? 

The Bialetti Brikka 4 cup has a 200ml boiler, able to brew closer to 160ml of espresso. 

How long will I wait for my Bialetti Moka Timer to be delivered? 

All of our orders are sent via Royal Mail Tracked 48 hour delivery, with free delivery when you spend over £35. Any orders before 1pm Monday-Friday qualify for same day dispatch. Orders placed after 1pm, or placed on a Saturday or Sunday, will be dispatched the next working day.  

Please note: We offer an upgraded 24 hour delivery. For this option, simply select at checkout.