Bialetti Firenze Double Walled Glassware - Espresso (80ml)

The 80ml size of this pair of these coffee cups is perfect for espresso lovers. The double-walled construction of this glass provides exceptional insulation, keeping your espresso at the perfect temperature for longer. The air between the two layers of glass acts as an insulator, preventing the outer layer from becoming too hot to handle while keeping the espresso hot.

The beautiful visual effect of the double-walled construction creates a unique floating effect, allowing you to appreciate the crema layer of your espresso as it sits delicately in the glass. The durability of the double-walled glassware is unmatched, providing a sturdy option that is less likely to crack or break due to temperature changes or impact.

This range is the first new release from Bialetti in ages, and coffee enthusiasts are already excited by the brand's return to form. The Firenze collection is stylish and modern, with a sleek design that will complement any kitchen décor.