Caffe Fredo Shaker

Key Features:

1. Crafted for Coffee Lovers: Designed with coffee aficionados in mind, this cocktail shaker is tailored to create the ultimate iced coffee experience. Whether you prefer Espresso Martinis or innovative coffee-infused cocktails, it's your secret ingredient to café-quality creations.

2. Premium Quality: Bialetti is renowned for its commitment to quality, and this cocktail shaker is no exception. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it's built to withstand rigorous shaking while maintaining its elegant appearance.

3. Innovative Design: The Bialetti Caffe Fredo Cocktail Shaker features a unique design with a built-in filter, allowing you to brew and chill espresso directly in the shaker. Say goodbye to diluted drinks and hello to rich, robust coffee flavours.

4. Double-Walled Insulation: Keep your iced coffee cocktails perfectly chilled without worrying about condensation or warming. The double-walled construction ensures your drinks stay icy cold, sip after sip.

5. Easy to Use: Creating your favourite coffee cocktails has never been simpler. Just add espresso, your choice of liqueurs, ice, and a few simple ingredients, then shake to perfection. The integrated strainer ensures a smooth pour every time.

6. Stylish and Practical: With its sleek, modern design and easy-grip handle, this cocktail shaker not only performs flawlessly but also looks fantastic on your bar cart or countertop.

7. Versatile Mixing: While perfect for iced coffee cocktails, this shaker is versatile enough to mix up a wide range of drinks. From classic cocktails to creative concoctions, it's the ultimate addition to your barware collection.

Experience the art of mixology like never before with the Bialetti Iced Coffee 'Caffe Fredo' Cocktail Shaker. Elevate your coffee cocktails to a whole new level and impress your guests with deliciously chilled creations. Elevate your at-home coffee game today and enjoy the café-inspired bliss of Caffe Fredo in the comfort of your home. Cheers to your new favourite coffee cocktail companion!