FAQs - Mini Express

How do you use a Bialetti Mini Express?

Read this blog post to learn how to make coffee on your stovetop with the Mini Express.

How to clean Bialetti Mini Express 

In cleaning the unit, it is straightforward. Simply unscrew the top part to remove the filter basket and tap out the grind, you can rinse under water too. So long as everything is cold, blowing in the end of the funnel gets the grinds out very easily. Rinsing everything out with water is important and it’s crucial to give all piece’s a thorough dry before placing it back together to avoid oxidisation in the aluminium.  

It’s a compact and durable stovetop coffee maker that will make two delicious espresso’s and will last a lifetime. 

Can I buy spare parts for my Bialetti Mini Express 

Yes, spares parts are available for the Bialetti Mini Express, including the gasket and filter. Unfortunately we don’t sell the base or the pot as individual products. Browse our full range of Spare Parts 

What type of coffee should I use in a Bialetti Mini Express? 

For best results, you should use a consistent, fine to medium-fine grind size in your Bialetti Moka Express; not as fine as espresso but finer than you would use in a cafetiere, similar to the Bialetti Moka Ground Coffee. Or grind fresh at home with whole bean coffee and an espresso grinder. 

What kind of coffee will a mini express make? 

The Bialetti Mini Express creates a short, strong black coffee; this is great on its own or enjoyed with milk to create a longer, more indulgent coffee. For a traditional Italian style coffee, simply add some brown sugar and stir. 

Can I use my mini express on an induction stove? 

No, the Bialetti Mini Express cannot be used on an Induction stove - it’s a stainless steel product with an octagonal base which won’t connect to an induction stove. Bialetti have released a range of induction-friendly stovetop coffee makersas well as an induction plate which sits on your stovetop so you can continue to use your Mini Express.  

Can I use my mini express on a gas stove? 

Yes, your Bialetti Mini Express can be used on a gas stove. 

Can I use my mini express on an electric stove? 

Yes, your Bialetti Mini Express can be used on an electric stove.