Moka Express Description

The Moka Express is an aluminium stovetop coffee maker made in Italy by Bialetti. Bialetti have over 100 years experience delivering the very best in what traditional Italian coffee has to offer. In Italy, 97% of households own a stovetop coffee maker… 93% of which were made by Bialetti.

One of the staples of this classic design is the octagonal base, unlike anything you’ll find in your kitchen appliance cupboard. The base has been designed to spread heat evenly and produce a richer, fuller espresso with every use.

If you normally reach for instant coffee, or you brew with a filter brewer like a cafetiere at home, you can expect a much better standard of coffee from the Moka Express. This stovetop coffee maker uses ground coffee, water and heat to brew espresso-style coffee at home. It will be much thicker in texture, with a fuller mouthfeel than you’d get from other manual brewing methods.

Not only will your Bialetti Moka Express enhance the texture, but you can expect a much more intense flavour. Don’t forget to try Bialetti’s Moka Ground Coffee to experience the true taste of Italian coffee at home. As the official partners of Bialetti in the UK, we offer the full range of sizes in their best selling Moka Express.

Please note that the cup size guide is based on the traditional taza cup style, which is around 2 liquid ounces or 60ml of liquid. When it comes to a full mug of coffee, like the ones we typically reach for when we climb out of bed, we’d recommend a Bialetti Moka Express 3 cup or 4 cup.

Across the world, the Bialetti Moka Express 6 cup is the best-seller as this will give you a sufficient amount of coffee to make 2 full mugs. With that being said, the Moka Express makes short, strong, espresso-style coffee which is perfect to use as a base for most coffee beverages. To make a latte with this coffee maker, simply heat and froth milk. You can do this with a cafetiere and microwave if you don’t own a milk steamer or electric milk frother.

A latte requires silky smooth milk so not too much frothing is required. Pour your espresso shot into your favourite tall mug and top with your milk. Easy. We’ve created Moka Express guide which will show you how easy it is to make espresso on your stovetop. It’s only 3 steps and shouldn’t take more than 7 minutes – brewing time included!

Check out our FAQs for cleaning instructions. Bialetti Moka Express espresso maker can be used on gas or electric hobs. If you have an induction stovetop, we recommend one of Bialetti’s induction-friendly coffee makers. Alternatively, there are induction hob adapted plates made from stainless steel that will connect to your stovetop allowing you to brew fresh espresso with your Moka pot. It doesn’t matter what type of stovetop you have, you’ll find a hob espresso maker for you in Bialetti’s range.

The Moka Express requires nothing but ground coffee and water. We recommend buying whole bean coffee and grinding it at home with an electric or manual grinder. Whole bean coffee stays fresh for much longer as ground coffee begins to oxidise very quickly which can leave a bitter taste. If you’re grinding beans specifically for your Bialetti coffee maker you are aiming for a grind size slightly coarser than espresso but much finer than you would use in a cafetiere. You’re looking for a consistent grind size that resembles table salt.

We offer Bialetti’s own Moka Ground Coffee in 250g bags which is a great way to get started with your stovetop espresso maker. The hazelnut and chocolate flavours are a firm favourite!

One of our favourite things about this coffee maker is its durability. You should never have to throw it away so it will never end up in landfill. At Brew Italia, we offer all the spare parts you might ever need to replace during your Moka Express’s lifetime. This includes the gasket, filter and handle replacement parts. We’d recommend replacing the gasket and filter every 4 – 6 months, depending on usage, to make sure you’re always brewing the best coffee possible. If you can’t find the part you’re looking for, send us an email and we’ll do our best to source it for you.

As the official UK partner of Bialetti, we work directly with them and their manufacturers so will do everything we can to get your Moka Pot up and running again. One of the most important things to consider when you’re using any coffee maker, not just a Moka Express, is the water quality. In the UK we have quite hard water which can cause limescale build-up and damage your stovetop espresso maker. Consider using filtered water, you’ll get a better tasting coffee and won’t face any issues with limescale build-up blocking your filter and damaging your Moka Pot.

If you don’t have the option of using filtered water, make sure you follow the cleaning steps in the FAQs below which involves using vinegar and water as a natural limescale remover. We don’t recommend using any chemicals on your Bialetti Moka Express when cleaning. Not only could this cause permanent damage to your aluminium coffee maker, but it could affect the taste of your coffee. None of us want that!

Bialetti as a whole is an incredibly forward-thinking brand for someone with their roots so deep in traditional culture. The Moka Express is made in Italy out of aluminium, making it one of the most sustainable coffee makers available. They supply spare parts to avoid their coffee makers unnecessarily going into landfill and, none of their products require solvent-based cleaning solutions.