Moka Ground Coffee - Description

Did you know, as well as designing iconic stovetop coffee makers, Bialetti also roast coffee in Italy? Discover Bialetti's full range of Italian ground coffee, including distinct flavour profiles like hazelnut and vanilla. 

Lovers of intense Italian-style espresso will enjoy Bialetti's Italian roast coffee. Their artisanal roasting method is unique. Using slow and controlled roasting, you can expect bold and bright aromas from every cup. The coffee is ground and sealed in airtight 250g bags.

You'll find Bialetti's coffee roastery in Coccaglio, in the heart of Italy's Franciacorta region. The coffee beans are hand-selected for roasting by experts in Italian coffee. Once roasted, Bialetti grinds coffee to the perfect coarseness for your stovetop coffee maker. Expertly roasted and expertly ground, ensuring perfect extraction and gorgeously smooth espresso.

With seven distinct flavours of Italian roast coffee, each with unique aromas, you can't go wrong with Bialetti's moka ground coffee. Keep reading to learn more about the different coffee flavours.

Moka Ground Classico

Moka Classico has the perfect balance of strong, bitter coffee flavours with sweet hints of flowers and dried fruit. A 50:50 blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, roasted medium-dark, keep this coffee mellow and aromatic. The perfect pair for your stovetop Moka pot. Intensity: 7.

Moka Ground Deka

Dedicated to coffee lovers looking to limit their caffeine consumption, this decaf ground coffee is enveloping and mellow in structure. With its distinct flavours and aromas, this is a must-try Italian decaf coffee if you have a Moka pot. Intensity: 6. 

Moka Ground Intenso

Those looking for strong, Italian coffee need look no further. Bialetti's Intenso Moka Ground is a dark roast 100% Robusta blend. Using Indian coffee beans roasted slowly in Italy, Bialetti have created intense toasted bread and cocoa flavours. Intensity: 9. 

Moka Ground Delicato

Bialetti's Delicato Moka coffee combines 100% Arabica beans from Brazil to create a luxuriously smooth taste. You can expect full flavour, with notes of hazelnut and dried fruits. This Italian roast coffee has been light roasted to create a more delicate flavour profile. Intensity: 5. 

Moka Ground Vaniglia

Introducing Bialetti Moka flavours! Moka Vaniglia is a gorgeously rich, vanilla-flavoured coffee. A bit different from what you're used to, this Italian ground coffee is blended with the best vanilla beans for a sweet, delicate flavour. Intensity: 8. 

Moka Ground Cioccolato

This chocolate flavoured coffee is an enveloping medium roast, paired with high-quality cocoa for the best chocolate flavour. Bialetti's Italian ground coffee is the perfect grind size for your Moka pot. The Cioccolato 

is a fragrant, delicious blend offering a gourmet coffee with a distinctive taste and aroma. Intensity: 8. 

Moka Ground Nocciola

A gourmet Italian coffee direct from Bialetti's roastery. The Moka Nocciola is a hazelnut flavoured coffee with a rounded, delicate flavour. The best seller from the Moka ground coffee collection, this Italian roast coffee offers the expected intensity with a full-bodied medium roast. Intensity: 8.