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That is why they are collaborating with WWF to help protect bear populations.

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Bialetti & WWF: Working together to safeguard the endangered bear population

Bialetti has always been committed to environmental protection and cares about the planet. This is why Bialetti supports the WWF project Bear 2x50, with the aim of saving the Appenine bear population from extinction.

THE Project Bear 2x50

The Apennine brown bear is one of the symbols of Italy's environmental heritage and lives in a small habitat confined in the central Apennine between Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. Despite the protection it enjoys under national and international regulations, its survival is at risk due to the anthropogenic changes in the ecosystem and now, only 50-60 Apennine brown bears remain. To safeguard this rare bear population, WWF is working on several fronts, with the aim of mitigating potential human-wildlife conflict.

The Path to Safeguard the Apennine Brown Bear

WWF is working on activities, with these aims:

  • Population increase and expansion
  • Conflict and human activities management
  • Communication
  • Research and monitoring
  • Regulation

Today, Bialetti joins WWF in its Bear 2X50 project, that has the goal to double the Apennine bear population by 2050.