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Venus & Coffee Gift Bundle

Venus & Coffee Gift Bundle

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The Venus stovetop coffee maker is the ultimate luxury from Bialetti. Made from high grade stainless steel, the Venus is compatible with gas, electric and induction stovetops

This bundle includes a 250g bag of Bialetti coffee, preground and ready to use in your Venus. Select your flavour and add to cart.

Bialetti Venus (Size)
Bialetti Italian Coffee | Moka Ground (Flavour)

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The Venus coffee maker is the first induction-friendly moka pot designed by Bialetti. This Bialetti induction is available in three sizes:

  • Venus 4 Cup
  • Venus 6 Cup
  • Venus 10 Cup

Important: Before first use, please ensure the Bialetti Venus is compatible with your induction hob. If you have any difficulties, please contact our team. 

The Bialetti Venus is a stainless steel stovetop coffee maker with a circular base. This means it can form a connection with your induction stovetop. You can also use this coffee maker on gas or electric hobs.

To make coffee with your Venus, simply unscrew the base and fill it to the valve with water. Place your filter funnel onto the base and scoop on a mound of moka ground coffee. There is no need to tamp the coffee down. All you need to do now is screw the pot back onto the base and place it on your hob. Turn on the heat and wait for your coffee to brew - this will take a few minutes depending on the size of your Venus induction. For a more detailed description of how to use your coffee maker, flick to the FAQs.

Bialetti has over 100 years of experience developing stovetop coffee makers. The world-famous Moka Express has a presence in 93% of Italian homes. It's an iconic part of Italian culture, with its unique octagonal shape recognised by the masses. You can even see the original designs for this coffee maker in the London Design Museum.

The Venus is their first induction-friendly design, a sign of the times as the brand puts a modern twist on traditional coffee. Taste-wise there is no difference between the Bialetti Venus coffee maker and their traditional stovetop coffee makers. It's all in the design. 

Both the Venus and the Bialetti Moka Induction feature a circular stainless steel base to form the connection with an induction stovetop.


How high should I fill my Bialetti Venus with water?

To make coffee with your Venus coffee maker, fill the base with room-temperature water up to the safety valve. The safety valve is a small, circle-shaped element on the base. 

How do I clean my Bialetti Venus coffee maker?

Bialetti doesn't recommend using any chemicals or soaps to clean your Venus coffee maker. Simply rinse it through with cold water after every use.  

Can Bialetti be used on induction?

The Venus coffee maker can be used on induction stoves. It has a stainless steel circle base, essential to form the connection. Bialetti has a range of coffee makers designed to be used on induction hobs. Shop the induction-friendly range here.

What's the difference between Bialetti Venus and Moka Express?

In terms of the coffee made, both of these coffee makers are of excellent quality and perfect for creating Italian-style espresso at home. The main difference is the design and material. The Moka Express is an aluminium stovetop coffee maker with an iconic octagonal base. The Venus is a stainless steel coffee maker with a circular base. The Venus can be used on induction, gas and electric hobs. The Moka Express cannot be used on induction.

Where is the Venus coffee maker made?

Bialetti design all of their stovetop coffee makers in Italy. Their products are manufactured in Italy, Romania and China. The Venus is manufactured in China.

What grind size do I need for my stovetop coffee maker?

All of Bialetti's stovetop coffee makers require the same grind size - Moka ground coffee. This is a fine grind, slightly coarser than espresso. You can buy Italian ground coffee, roasted by Bialetti, from Brew Italia. With 7 flavours to taste, you'll love exploring the taste of Italy.

How much coffee does a 4 cup Venus make?

The Bialetti Venus 4 cup makes around 180ml of coffee. The cup sizing is based on the traditional Italian espresso - giving between 45-50ml per cup.

How much coffee does a 6 cup Venus make?

The Bialetti Venus 6 cup makes around 270ml of coffee. The cup sizing is based on the traditional Italian espresso - giving between 45-50ml per cup.

How much coffee does a 10 cup Venus make?

The Bialetti Venus 10 cup makes around 480ml of coffee. The cup sizing is based on the traditional Italian espresso - giving between 45-50ml per cup.

Why don't Bialetti make 2 cup Venus coffee makers anymore?

Bialetti used to design and manufacture a smaller Venus model - the 2 cup. The recently stopped production of this coffee maker as the base was too small to connect to induction hobs. You can still buy Venus 2 cup spare parts here.


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